Artificial intelligence presents unique risks to the economic security and dignity of the working class in America. And it’s no surprise that Congress is behind the curve on placing regulations and safeguards around AI to protect workers.

We need Congress to place a check on AI in the workplace before it threatens wages and the dignity of work.

Recently, the Screen Actors Guild and Writers Guild of America were striking to protect their job security and wages — and AI protections were a central part of their grievances. Executives wanted to exploit actors and writers using AI, but workers stood up and said NO.

AI has been impacting workplaces across sectors, and its impact will only be felt more as time goes by. It’s time to protect workers in the new digital age.And our lawmakers have a critical role to play.

Workers should have a decision-making role in how and when their companies adopt technologies that will impact their jobs. Workers should receive compensation based on profit from the implementation of these technologies, not solely hours worked.

Congress is already behind the eight-ball on the issue of AI in the workplace. It’s time for lawmakers to act. I will get it done knowing that Bob Latta will not do a thing!