I believe in Keith Mundy's vision for a better future. His commitment to the community is inspiring. Every cent of loose change helps. Every donation counts, no matter the size. Please donate $10 or whatever you can afford to save FREEDOM over FASCISM. Every dollar spent goes to getting our campaign message out to the people. This is what we are doing with yard signs and billboards. 

Keith Mundy

 Keith Mundy will protect a woman's right to choose with her doctor and family. Republicans spent years arguing that abortion should be left up to the states. Then, they rigged the court to overturn Roe so they could get their desired outcome. The GOP forgot about one thing: the people of the United States. We, the people, rose up against them and voted to protect abortion rights at the state level. We organized, rallied, and turned out in droves to defeat the GOP's anti-woman agenda. So now, abortion is a federal issue again, so much for states' rights. It would be funny if it weren't downright evil. 

I support a woman's right to choose!

 The threat of a second Trump presidency is real. Very real. Anybody that says otherwise is living in fantasy-land. And if Trump comes to power, he’ll be helped by none other than my opponent, Bob Latta. Bob is the ultimate Trump yes-man who will do his bidding in congress. Bob is a Republican incumbent. And as a result, he has a ton of lobbyist money heading his way. He'll have to raise even more this cycle. He knows that we will give him the fight of his life. I managed the campaigns of Jeff Sites against Jim Jordan for two election cycles. There’s only one way to defeat Bob Latta and keep Donald Trump in check and it’s through the efforts and donations of people like you. That’s just the reality of successful campaigns. 

STOP Latta and Trump!